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Our Story...

Why hello there weary traveler! Sit down for a spell and let us spin you a yarn of a old story about The Eclectic Menagerie...

It all started as a hobby in 2017 for our benevolent overlord, Justine. After being told time after time after time that there would be tremendous interest in her hand painted miniatures, she dusted off and remodeled her old etsy store that had been sitting for years and decided "Why not." Not soon after she had sold one of her monsters to a loving home, then another and another! The idea then sparked into her mind that she could actually make this her dream job and needed help.

Others flocked to her aid: 

Jonathan; the mastermind of many a dungeon and print master general of all things resin. 

Rose-anne; the beautiful social media maven who could bring a flock of people anywhere with her unending exuberance.

Zane; the generous benefactor and the talented organizer of all the dreaded paperwork and forms.

Together they tame the wild monsters, whip the vulgar villains, and train the valiant heroes that pass through the gates of the menagerie!

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