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Welcome to the Menagerie!

Where your wildest imagination is a brush stroke away!

We here in the Menagerie strive to bring your dreams and imagination to the palm of your hand. The Menagerie was founded by people like you: dreamers. We love our work and hope you do too! We specialize in bringing what's trapped in your head to life with a rich color palette and masterful brush strokes. Step inside the Menagerie and allow us to help you find your hearts desire! 

Be sure to check out our shop for our current tenants! If none of our hand painted miniatures there suit your fancy, be sure to fill out our "special order" form on our "contact us" page and we here in the Menagerie will do our very best to source the finest specimens specifically tailored to your needs!

Custom Orders Starting at $45 

Want to see the minis painted live? Check out our monster mother by clicking here to go to her twitch!


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