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A blog? A blog!

Welcome back to the blog! I’m here to update you fine folks about the goings on here in the Menagerie.

ITS TIME! Spooky season is upon us and we are running our Spooktober sale! 20% off ALL of our spooky, scary themed miniatures! We’ve got some fine additions to anyone’s collection, whether you are running a horror campaign or not! I’m pretty partial to the Pumpkin Golem myself, but I’m a sucker for gourd-based villains. Reminds me of when the evil Zucchini Lord ravaged Phandalin...

ANYWAY, we are so proud of how these little critters have turned out. We would love it if you all could share your favorites with us on whatever social you prefer.


Justine is hard at work on a whole new set of minis due to arrive in the shop ANY DAY NOW. One of my favorite miniatures of all time is coming soon...THE GRAVEYARD GOLEM. Ohhhhhh man! This guy ROCKS all of my socks. If you couldn't tell, I'm very excited for you folks to check it out!

In the virtual world, we finally bought ourselves a company house in Final Fantasy XIV!

We are so excited to have a place to call our own, even if we are just a small Free Company. You should come check us out! We are on the Sargatanas server on the Aether data center. Our house is in Mist, Ward 24, plot number 9! We hope to see all of you there someday.

I'll leave you all with a little message. Please get out and vote. Let your voices be heard. Don't let a bunch of old, crusty zilches be in charge of you. We are the future. Let's let the future be NOW. Please be sure to stay safe, stay healthy, and keep taking care of yourself. Stay amazing, you wonderful person.



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