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Menagerie Musings 2: Eclectic Boogaloo!

Greetings fellow mortals! I'm back again to ramble at your eyes for the next few paragraphs. We've got a lot of fun stuff going here in the Menagerie. We are about to start a massive painting spree that hopefully will lead to many new and wonderful mini's finding homes. Our glorious and fearless leader is preparing as I type to prime, paint, and base a slew of mini's I'm not allowed to mention. BUT I'M GOING TO ANYWAY!

I'm very excited about these new additions coming to the shop for the spookiest month of the year. The scatter terrain we are preparing for you makes for a PERFECT spooky-themed one-shot or campaign! Or perhaps if you are a DM with a party planning a visit to Barovia, BOY DO WE HAVE THE GOODS FOR YOU! Handsome men with pointy teeth, mysterious fortune tellers, lovely ladies with amazing hat choices, straw-based and stick boned creeps, AND SO MUCH MORE!!! Please keep an eye on our socials and on the site itself to be notified when these lovelies are added to the shop. Inventory will be limited!

Outside of the working world, we here in the Menagerie have been enjoying time in Eorzea playing Final Fantasy 14. If you happen to play and want to say hi we are playing on Sargatanas on the Aether data center. Hit us up on twitter or instagram and we can meet up!

As always, be sure to stay safe, stay healthy, and keep taking care of yourself. Stay amazing, you wonderful person.



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